Fight head-to-head in fast-paced card battles in this cyberpunk, action deck-builder. Experience intense, skillheavy matches, while you draft, punch and hack your way through your opponents. This is the only hardcore PvP deck-builder out there. Will you be the one to conquer the streets of Haxity?

Slot your moves and plan the attack
Hack the outcome and outsmart your opponent
Execute your strategy and unleash your combos


  • Fight online: Always jacked into the net, take the fight online in matchmaked PvP, challenge your friends directly or crush the AI.
  • Dynamic Deck building: Draft your cards and build powerful combos and synergies. Each fighter have their own unique cards and playstyles for you to discover.
  • Multi-layered Mindgames: Counter pick your opponent in the draft, or outplay them in combat. Several ways to gain advantages that will reward experienced players and punish the unprepared.
  • Card combat: A unique fast-paced combat system where you have to plan, respond, bluff and adapt to succeed, will you be the one to land the final blow?
  • Modifications and cybernetics: What would a cyberpunk world be without tons of customization options. Discover different mods and cybernetics during your journey to strengthen your fighter.
  • Premium Gameplay: No cardpacks! No lootboxes! No pay-to-win! No bullshit!



“Haxity has overperformed my expectations in every way.”
“The presentation and feeling of the game is nothing short of amazing. The card art is crisp and clean (thank you devs for not making another pixel art game) and combined with the character art and backgrounds, makes for a great futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. Speaking of character art, the animations during combat are great, impactful, and varied enough so that Haxity is as fun to watch as it is to play. Other elements of the game, such as the hacking cards and mods, also contribute to making the game an authentic cyberpunk experience.”
“Ultimately Haxity is a blast to play, it looks great, it plays great, and has enough variety that even after several hours of play, the game hasn’t gotten old. If you are a fan of card games, and like the cyberpunk vibe, then Haxity might just be the game you are looking for.”