Rob Riches

“You are Rob Riches. Solve the temple mystery!”

Visit ancient and mysterious temples, each from a different world with their own unique twists and turns.

Delve deep into the Mesoamerican jungle, brave the cold heart of the Norse temple and explore the tomb beneath the scorching sands.

Your mission? Collect ALL the coins, go deeper, find the grand treasure and survive!
Every room of the temple is it’s own unique and handcrafted puzzle to be solved!

Rob Riches is an elegant and inviting puzzle game that can be fully experienced at your own pace. Experienced players will be challenged to solve puzzles in the most optimal way, and avid adventurers may find hidden secrets just waiting to be discovered!



“Rob Riches keeps pivoting to new types of challenges every few levels, keeping things fresh. The final point, and the one I’d consider the most crucial to my appreciation for it, is that the overall design is very smart […] I’d consider it to pretty easily be one of the best puzzle adventure-type titles I’ve played on the system.”
“Rob Riches is a great package. Its straightforward puzzling is made to be about as convenient and welcoming as possible, making it a worthwhile pickup for anyone regardless of your level of experience with these kinds of games.”
“Rob Riches is a daring adventure with bite-sized chunks and a charming protagonist. While the goal of the game is simple, getting to it is anything but - and the wide variety of puzzles to solve in small, casual bursts is definitely well worth the price tag.”